Addressing Health and Wellness Solutions

5 Essentials of Health

Chiropractic care
Chiropractic care is vital for proper nerve conduction between the brain and the body. Throughout the day, we are exposed to postural stressors that effect the alignment of our spine. In response, the body adapts and accommodates to these stressors by sacrificing proper alignment. As a chiropractor, I adjust the spine to make sure your nervous system can communicate effectively with the body and vise versa.

What we feed our bodies is important. Have you heard the saying, “You are what you eat”? This statement has more truth to it than you may realize. In order to heal and grow, we have to have the proper nutrients that our bodies need. Some people need more of certain nutrients then others. All too commonly, we overeat what we shouldn’t have and not eat enough of what we should consume.

Exercise & Movement
The element of movement is incredibly important for healing and growing. The actual process of movement stimulates the brain to heal, maintain, and prolong joint mobility. This is the first element to joint degeneration and the key to maintaining a high quality of life.

Positive Mental Attitude
This aspect can be a difficult barrier to overcome in that there are many factors that effect our attitude. This issue can range from mental disorders and hormonal imbalances to self confidence and living arrangements that influence ones attitude towards others and themselves.

When discussing this topic, it is important to understand that the body doesn’t require stimulants or depressants to survive. Detoxification can be as easy as adjusting your diet and resetting your mental attitude. However, it can be as extensive as routine testing and adding supplements to balance hormones and combat cravings.

What to expect
You will find top notch and high quality chiropractic care available to you in this office. In regards to the other aspects to health listed, Dr. Caitlin speaks regularly and hosts a “Dinner With the Doc” event once a month that involves a complementary dinner for up to 20 guests hosted at a local Douglasville restaurant. For more information, visit

The other elements to health are serviced by other companies in partnership with Future One Chiropractic and are not directly provided by Future One Chiropractic.

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